We automate your business so you can grow profitably.

Founders and operators use ScaleWell to put the repetitive parts of their business on auto-pilot so they can focus on growth (and can keep more of the money they make).
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From Asana to Zapier (and everything in between)

Make ops your superpower

 ScaleWell improves your customer success, accounting, sales, and operational efforts without doubling your headcount.

hours saved and counting

Save your teams time, help them focus, and drop more moolah to your bottom line.

Growing revenue is table stakes

Optimize the bottom-half of your P&L

Fewer errors, happier customers

Humans are great at making decisions. Computers are great at doing what they’re told. ScaleWell uses technology that follows the rules you define to perform flawless work hour after hour, day after day.

Sync smarter

Stop copy/pasting your life away. ScaleWell moves data from one system to another so files are always up-to-date and data is where it belongs. Calendar events, document changes, links, leads – always in sync.

Keep more of what you make

At the end of the day, running a successful business isn’t just about growing revenue; it’s about turning a profit. ScaleWell keeps costs low by doing the work it would take multiple full-time employees to complete.

Think of what you could accomplish while ScaleWell handles your:

Customer Service

Retaining customers costs much less than attracting and converting new ones. Use ScaleWell to deliver thoughtful responses, helpful links, and scalable support.


Make counting beans a thing of the past. Instantly pass critical order, revenue, and cost details to the people who need them in the format and system of their choosing.


Engaging with people who are interested in your product or service can be a full-time job… if you’re not using ScaleWell.

Appointment Setting

There’s nothing worse than the back and forth of setting (and keeping) appointments. Streamline the process for your team and your customers.

Call Tracking

Phones have come a long way since Bell invented the landline. Pull your voice efforts into the 21st-century.

Project Management

Managing multi-step processes can get messy – especially when employees across teams are involved.

ScaleWell connects the world’s most popular apps with one another to automatically execute custom flows for your business.

… and thousands more.
What can ScaleWell do for you?


leads from advertising platform to CRM



to new customers instantly



job details into project management software



broadcasts across marketing channels



team members of deal updates



customer data entry across systems



support tickets with resolution statuses



information across teams’ tools



communications with customer details


Follow up

with customers across channels



delivery of lead magnets to prospects


Find or create

records to prevent duplicate entries


subscribers from website contact forms


SMS communications from lead gen source


Tag and segment

audiences based on custom variables



lists based on meetings and events



event reminders to sales prospects


scheduling for sales and production crews



ecommerce site with email tools



communications to internal teams

Find Out How Much Manual Work Is Costing You

Make data-driven decisions. Use our Cost Calculator to assess the true expense of manual work within your business.

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Private Equity

Work doesn’t have to be hectic

Turn chaos into clarity with perfectly formed systems that run on their own

Grow more efficiently

Hiring to scale is normal. Be weird. Companies who systematize their operations get more done with less… and command higher valuations.

Compete with the big boys

Process automation was once reserved for massive enterprises. Not anymore. Put your business on equal footing for a fraction of the cost.

Get more output

It’s no secret humans get more done with the support of computers. Keep your teams sane and productive with a little help from our (digital) friends.
How It Works

We document your process.







Using our patented* process, we help visualize your current business workflows while you describe what it is you’d most like to clear off your plate.

*OK, it’s not patented. But it’s pretty darn good.

Make recommendations.








Your ideal flow is reviewed by one of our trained automation pros. We offer suggestions, make tool recommendations (if necessary), and gather other info to begin implementing.

Automate your flows.








Using software and code, we take your plan, connect the pipes, and transform your “inputs” into fully-automated “outputs.” Your business will runs smoother than ever before.

Have questions?


Business automation has been around for a while, but it’s still a new concept to a surprising number of businesses. Below are answers to the questions we receive most often.
How is ScaleWell priced?
ScaleWell charges a one-time implementation fee, then a monthly retainer for ongoing services.
What do I get?


The implementation fee includes a discovery call with a process architect. Then, we take all of our notes and sketches from the call and visualize your business’s unique workflows to generate a one-of-a-kind process map.

We also point out redundancies, simplify customer and employee experiences, and make recommendations for software that could automate certain parts.


ScaleWell works with your team(s) to connect your software with our systems. We ingest, transform, and filter the data then automate it to the appropriate locations to reduce your teams’ workloads.

Next, we build the automated flows. Once live, flows can be updated by requesting a change. Each change improves the efficiency of the flow – and your team.

Why wouldn't I just hire someone at my company to do this for me?
Hiring a full-time automation engineer not only takes months to find the right fit, but it’s also expensive. Think about the time and money spent on job boards, sorting through applicants, and potential loss of preferred candidates. Automation Engineer salaries now range between $70,000 – 100,000 per year.

An automation subscription offers instant access to changes and upgrades, no hiring delays, and cost-effective flexibility.

Is there a limit to how many flows I can request?

After subscribing, you can make as many adjustments to your flows as you’d like. Formation customers can request one change at a time; Ignition customers can request two.

The number of Flows (individual business processes) we can build depends on the plan you select.

How fast can ScaleWell make changes?
Assuming we already have access to the online apps you use, the majority of requests are implemented in just a couple of days. More complex automations may take longer depending on the app and coding language required to make the change.
Who are the automation engineers?
You will work directly with our founder, Matthew Russo. Matt served as COO (and CMO) of a 7x Inc 5000 advertising technology company. It was there he honed his craft, increased profits, and scaled operations from 6- to 9-figures.
How do I request a new flow?
Requests for new flows and changes to existing ones are made through Trello. Trello is a simple project management software that allows us to communicate easily, share updates and files, and keep track of all of our tasks.
What if a flow isn't working?
We’ll keep refining the solution until we get it right. We believe in rapid (yet accurate) deployment and continuous iteration cycles. Every improvement allows your business to operate more efficiently.
What types of processes can you automate?
Too many to list, but major categories include order processing and management, customer onboarding, client success, marketing, CRM, and more. Most importantly, ScaleWell is great at connecting processes across departments to ensure the whole company is getting info quickly and working with the same data.

ScaleWell can help anywhere you have large volumes of manual, repetitive tasks.